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Get ionize translations !

Introduction of the new online tool for ionize's translations

thursday 13 june 2013 at 16h39 • categories : Announcement

We tried a lot of existing solutions to provide ionize translations and finally, no one was really efficient.
So we decided to develop our own tool, but one open tool, which provides translations but which also gives the users the ability to translate !

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the power, the easiest way!

sunday 07 april 2013 at 10h56 • categories : Announcement

ionize 1.0 is released, and we're very proud about it !
Like every time, it comes with a lot of enhancements and corrections, thanks to all members of the community, who bring a lot of ideas, corrections and more generally, bug corrections and encouragements to the ionize team.

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ionize 0.9.9 is out !

saturday 29 december 2012 at 19h25 • categories : Announcement

We're very proud to announce this new release of ionize : New tags approach, new and complete documentation, tutorials !
This new version is a very big step for our favorite CMS !

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Ionize 0.9.7 is released !

monday 05 september 2011 at 11h50 • categories : Announcement

We're proud to release Ionize 0.9.7 !
This new version came late, sure, but at least with alot of improvements.
We worked on Ionize itselfs but also on our organization, to find out more easy way to involve people from the community.

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Ionize 0.9.7 on the rails

sunday 03 april 2011 at 15h46 • categories : Announcement

We accelerate the Ionize development and just one month after the 0.9.6, we're close to launch a new release of Ionize.
This new version comes with alot of great new features and bugs correction.

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Date fields in Ionize

why not add another date field ?

thursday 31 march 2011 at 15h01 • categories : Announcement

Ionize provides several "date fields" in Pages and Articles.
The displayed date is calculated by Ionize for each article or page.
Couldn't this be enhanced ?

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Ionize 0.9.6 released !

saturday 05 march 2011 at 12h20 • categories : Announcement

We're proud to annouce the release of Ionize 0.9.6 !
Alot of bugs correction, new features, a complete user-guide...

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Ionize 0.9.5 available !

... or the birth of a major release.

friday 24 september 2010 at 08h11 • categories : Announcement

We are very proud to introduce the version 0.9.5 of Ionize CMS.
This new version is more than just another release of the CMS : It provides exciting new features, an improved user interface and real multilingual URL...
Let's have a look...

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Holidays time, what's going on?

aka Ionize team on the beach...

monday 23 august 2010 at 19h02 • categories : Announcement

As the summer time goes, we needed to relax a bit, so the development of Ionize CodeIgniter CMS got a bit slower.

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