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My friend the spammer !

Stop spammers (part 2) : Using Stop Form Spam module

wednesday 03 july 2013 at 15h19 • categories : How to

In the first part, we learned how to create one custom registration form.
We also tried to limit spam by adding one hidden field, supposed to be filled out by bots.

Unfortunately, bots learned how to not fill out hidden fields, so the honey pot isn't a good antispam system anymore.
Let's use the new SFS ionize module to check our friend's IP and email against the "Stop Forum Spam" database.

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We love Robots !

Stop spammers (part 1) : Create one custom registration form

friday 28 june 2013 at 17h20 • categories : How to

The last 1.0.x ionize lets you creating form in one very easy way.
Sadly, we often get spammed from bots which think their is something interesting in sending bullshit to our beautiful form...

How to build one custom registration form and protect it against spammers ?
This post will give you the answer...

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Getting the CMS settings

from views or controllers

saturday 24 july 2010 at 16h07 • categories : How to

I'd like to share a quick tip with you. It happen that you need to get a Ionize setting in your views, or controllers, like the website email to send in a contact form you created.

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Creating a module in Ionize

part 1 : Introduction

tuesday 18 may 2010 at 22h38 • categories : How to

What's a module ?

A module extends Ionize and the built on website and provides new functionalities. In a way, it can be see as a CodeIgniter little application designed to work with Ionize.

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