Holidays time, what's going on?

aka Ionize team on the beach...

monday 23 august 2010 at 19h02 • categories : Announcement

As the summer time goes, we needed to relax a bit, so the development of Ionize CodeIgniter CMS got a bit slower.

That said, we've planned before leaving to the beach some new features for September. and Ionize 0.9.5 is already boiling... Michel-Ange came back from holidays and started to code some of them like a crazy ! So what's going on are you wondering? Here we go...

  • Ability to create navigation groups, which you can call in your templates by Tags (so instead of having a unique tree structure, you'll be able to create as much tree structures as you want).
  • By default, a system menu will be enabled, including some necessary core pages like the 404 page which will now be editable directly from the CMS itself.
  • Ability to set URI identifier in multilingual (aka Porga's SEO friendly url's)
  • Default language content display (if content is not available in one language, it will pick the default language content, as an option).
  • Documentation improvements, starting by a new plateform for it, probably like a mini-site alongside with ionize package.
  • Installer and admin panel design improvements (minor stuff but visually better).
  • Screencasts (everybody loves screencasts isn't it?).

Check screenshots of the work in progress.

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