Get ionize translations !

Introduction of the new online tool for ionize's translations

thursday 13 june 2013 at 16h39 • categories : Announcement

We tried a lot of existing solutions to provide ionize translations and finally, no one was really efficient.
So we decided to develop our own tool, but one open tool, which provides translations but which also gives the users the ability to translate !

We wanted one tool which :

  • Centralize ionize translations,
  • Gives an easy way to download translations packages,
  • Shows the translation completion of each file,
  • Gives to registered users the ability to translate ionize online.

We already developed Byzantin, but this module hasn't any frontend and it is limited to the current ionize instance.
From this module, we kept the spirit, but we added a lot of feature, like the database storage and one real frontend.

You can discover it on :

Ionize needed one centralize translation system.
We sincerely hope this tool will increase quickly the number of available translations !