Getting the CMS settings

from views or controllers

saturday 24 july 2010 at 16h07 • categories : How to

I'd like to share a quick tip with you. It happen that you need to get a Ionize setting in your views, or controllers, like the website email to send in a contact form you created.

Here's how you should do:

In a view:

<ion:setting item="site_email" />

In a controller:


Here are the currently available settings:

site_title site_email files_path; cache cache_time theme theme_admin create_dir_use_ftp ftp_host ftp_user ftp_password picture_copyright google_analytics filemanager thumb_small use_extend_fields media_type_picture media_type_music media_type_video media_type_file ionize_version show_help_tips

The settings are taken from the database table 'setting'.

We was thinking of adding custom settings, just like the custom fields, tell us what you think on the forums.