Ionize 0.9.5 available !

... or the birth of a major release.

friday 24 september 2010 at 08h11 • categories : Announcement

We are very proud to introduce the version 0.9.5 of Ionize CMS.
This new version is more than just another release of the CMS : It provides exciting new features, an improved user interface and real multilingual URL...
Let's have a look...

New release... new design!

Ionize 0.9.5 has a clean and contrasted design, we are sure you will love it!

The installer was also redesigned, to be more clear.

Concept of "menu groups"

Pages are now grouped in menus.

The webdesigner is able to create as much menus as he wants, and can call them from any views in his templates.

2 default menus will be available after a fresh installation: "Main" and "System".

If you upgrade, all the exsitng pages will remain in the "Main" menu.

User login / logout 100% Codeigniter compatible

Ionize doesn’t need the use of MCrypt() anymore.

The authentification library has been completely rewritten and renamed to "Connect library" (previously known as Access). The new library now uses the CodeIgniter's Encrypt library, so Ionize can now be installed on host which doesn’t provide the MCrypt() extension.

Language based pages and article URL

Each page or article can have an URL per language. The URL is automatically built from title if not set. This let the editor focus on the most important : the content!

A important attention has been provided to the multilingual structure of websites, Ionize is the only CodeIgniter CMS which is able to provide such a level of internationalization, do you clients want a website in Chinese, Japonese, English or French, Ionize can do it!

User friendly site structure

The site structure (in the left panel of Ionize) is really dynamic : No more boring reloads after creating a page or an article : it refresh on the fly !

Page / Articles drag'n'drop to create internal links

Sometimes, you need to create a link from one navigation item (page) or from one article to another (when you wish for example to have a block of content the user can clicks on).

Simply hold down the mouse on the page name in the structure and drop it in the "link" field of you current edited page or article to create an internal link.

You can now get this link with the <ion:url /> tag in your views.

Pure PHP in views

Basic PHP in views is now possible with the <ion:php /> tag.

Wysiwyg editor HTML code highlighting

Because sometime you need to have a look at the HTML of your article, we add the HTML syntax highlighting in the Ionize Wysiwyg editor.

View editing from theme panel

You need to urgently modify one view? It is now possible directly from theme panel. Just click on one view, edit it and save it.

A complete example module

Ionize comes with a simple but well documented “Search” module. This module is a good introduction to module development in Ionize.

And now, what are the next steps?

During the next weeks, we will improve the documentation and give the users some concrete example on how to build a website or a blog with Ionize.

Get Ionize CodeIgniter CMS:

Test it, and download it from our Home page.