Ionize 0.9.6 released !

saturday 05 march 2011 at 12h20 • categories : Announcement

We're proud to annouce the release of Ionize 0.9.6 !
Alot of bugs correction, new features, a complete user-guide...

This major release comes with alot of new features :

  • A complete new media manager,
  • Ability to put the "system", "application" and "modules" folders outside from public web folder,
  • More visual page and article editing (opened tab memory, big titles, etc.)
  • Static translations rewritten : The user can add his own terms and use them in views,
  • PHP in views, without any tag,
  • Improvment in drag'n'drop of articles in the tree.

In the mean time, we launched the Ionize User-Guide, which is available online and offline (the User Guide comes with the release package).

We also decided to migrate the sources from Assembla to GitHub. GitHub gives ability to anyone to download the current stage version as a zip package. This is really more confortible.
Ionize on GitHub

Because we never stop to develop Ionize, we already thought about the next release.
It will come with fantastic new features, like an improvment of the extend fields, which will be available for only one page / article or globally...

Stay tuned !