Ionize 0.9.7 is released !

monday 05 september 2011 at 11h50 • categories : Announcement

We're proud to release Ionize 0.9.7 !
This new version came late, sure, but at least with alot of improvements.
We worked on Ionize itselfs but also on our organization, to find out more easy way to involve people from the community.

Fresh website

Time came to change our communication.

We started by a new and fresh website, we hope you will like it !
In a near future, the forum will also be redesigned, but that's not currently our priority.

Backend translations

Backend translations are difficult to maintain. First because Ionize introduce often new terms, second because people involvment in translation can change and not be so regular.

That's why we choose to provide translation files of Ionize on MyGengo.
This service is really good because :

  • MyGengo centralizes the translations files, making them accessible for everyone,
  • We have a clear view of the translation process of each language
  • Translators can directly work on files through a very powerful tool.

If you want to translate in a new or an incomplete language, just register to MyGengo and we will add you as translator !

Ionize's 0.9.7 improvements

Core enhancements

  • CodeIgniter 2,
  • Backend uses Mootools 1.3.2,
  • Modules can use core tags,
  • Modules can add panels to the standard panels (page, article, media) : this feature is still in development, but really promissing.

Backend enhancements

  • TinyMCE 3.4.2,
  • Rewrite of the Filemanager,
  • Partial Cache system : Some tags results are cached, improving display performance on big websites,
  • Sitemap : After each page edition, the file /sitemap.xml is updated (the automatic submission is currently not active)
  • Maintenance page
  • TinyMCE HTML tag filtering (the webdesigner choose which HTML tag he allows to the user)
  • Settings panels visual arrangement.

New features

  • Content Elements : You can create content elements and link them to pages or articles. Looping through these elements is done by a simple tag in the theme views.
  • Free RSS module,
  • Free Search module : To easily build a Search input for your website.
  • Articles have now a "main parent page", defining the URL to the article.

What's missing ?

Documentation and examples !

That's our next weeks night job !