Ionize 0.9.7 news

saturday 16 april 2011 at 15h34

We originaly planned to release Ionize 0.9.7 the 15. of April.
We are late, because we started a big work : The Ionize migration to mootools 1.3.1 !

This migration implies a lot of updates :

  • MochaUI,
  • The mootools Filemanager,
  • Tabswapper, which manage all UI tabs,
  • The Datepicker,
  • TinyMCE and CodeMirror,
  • The whole Ionize JS core.

Since months, we delayed this update and focused on new features and on the Ionize core. But now, its time to have an "up to date" version !

This important update will not delay alot the release and will not have any impact on the user side. Modules's admin panels will perhaps need some updates, but minimal one.

Stay tuned !