Ionize 0.9.7 on the rails

sunday 03 april 2011 at 15h46 • categories : Announcement

We accelerate the Ionize development and just one month after the 0.9.6, we're close to launch a new release of Ionize.
This new version comes with alot of great new features and bugs correction.

Let's have a look at these new things...


We moved the SVN from Assembla to GitHub :
Why ? Because GitHub provides direct download of the sources, because users don't need to have an account to get the source, because we can create sub-repositories (for languages for example).

We also created a Wiki on GitHub.
The main purpose of it is to group all answer to common forum's questions. It doesn't replace the documentation, it enhance it by more technical examples.

The content is light for the moment but it will be often enriched.

New features

Content Elements

We often need some "information blocks" wich have nothing to do with articles, but which should be linked to one page or article.

For example, a music band will have "concert dates". Each concert date can be considered as an article, but the management of dates will be complex, because a concert has different fields than an article (location, place, additionnal info, url to buy tickets, etc.).

Another example could be a Paypal button. If you want to make the editor free of add a Paypal button on one article or page, with Content Elements, it will be easy : Simply create a new Content Element Definition, add fields, and use it in your view.

Ionize's UI enhancement

  • Move or Copy of articles in the tree by Drag'n'Drop (previously just copy),
  • Drag'n'Drop of elements more visual,
  • Upgrade of tinyMCE to the last 3.4.1 version,
  • Improvment of XHR requests,
  • Article's types are flagged by colors in the tree

Core enhancement

  • Application and Modules folder can be put outside of the public HTML folder,
  • Improvement of Ionize's internal JS functions,
  • Article's internal links depend on the article's page context


  • New "element" tag : To display Content Element,
  • The "field" tag auto-gets its parent


  • Enhancement of the UserManager module : Provides now the user's activation by mail,
  • New module : SimpleForm : Provides an easy way to implement contact and messages forms

When will this release be available ?

The 15 of april.
Happy ? Not happy ?
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