ionize 0.9.9 is out !

saturday 29 december 2012 at 19h25 • categories : Announcement

We're very proud to announce this new release of ionize : New tags approach, new and complete documentation, tutorials !
This new version is a very big step for our favorite CMS !

  • Complete rewrite of the tags libraries : The basic usage of tags in views was kept, but we improved the fundamental libraries for a more scalable and hierarchical logic.
  • Backend improvements : Of course we corrected bugs, but we go further and we make the article edition a real pleasure,
  • Extend Fields and Content Element are more easy to use,
  • Integration of forms : One new tag, called "Form" comes with its form declaration config file and form data processing library : It is now possible to create your custom forms in few minutes,
  • Login, logout, registration, profile edition on the frontend are integrated in the core!
  • Expressions in tags make conditional display more easy than ever,
  • Full path URLs : URLs follow now the pages tree,
  • Display data from everywhere with the new tag "page"

We also focus on one complete documentation, which go step by step from the concept to the tag creation :

  • All tags are well documented, with a lot of examples,
  • We wrote one module tutorial, which go from the simple frontend to the custom tags creation.

Of course this version will need some views modifications if you migrate from one existing website, but it is really one necessary evolution for the CMS.

Concerning translations of the backend, as MyGengo changed conditions of usage of Strings, we created one dedicated module, which currently works in the backend. We will provide this module very quickly and we work on one public translation website.

We hope you will enjoy this release as we enjoyed to code it !

To download it : On the homepage of the ionize website :
The documentation :
The demo website :