1.0.7, so what ?

wednesday 06 august 2014 at 10h16

The previous release was huge, this one is a little bit more !

Basically, we corrected bugs and made the new extend fields type (medias & links)  available for Content Elements.

Let's have a look at the other changes :


The sitemap file generation is improved.

For better backend performance on big websites, the sitemap.xml file creation (which was previously done automatically) can now be done manually : In Settings > Website settings, uncheck "Auto create sitemap".
The editor will be remind to build the sitemap by one dashboard notification (notifications must be activated, of course)

The sitemap file also includes articles.

Sitemap generation is available in : Tools > System Diagnosis > Tools > Rebuild Sitemap

Frontend lang URLs

If more than one language is online or if the setting "force lang url" is checked, the URL with no lang code will redirect to URL with lang code (301).

Backend articles

Actions like "set online", "unlink", "delete" can be done on multiple articles (from the page edition panel).

For developers : Theme Events

This brings new interactions between modules :
Modules can fire events, and you can now catch them directly in your theme Event library.
No need to create one other module dedicated to your website to catch events !
The theme events are stored in : libraries/theme_events.php

Backend style

We changed a little the big icons styles...