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sunday 07 april 2013 at 10h56 • categories : Announcement

ionize 1.0 is released, and we're very proud about it !
Like every time, it comes with a lot of enhancements and corrections, thanks to all members of the community, who bring a lot of ideas, corrections and more generally, bug corrections and encouragements to the ionize team.

What's new ?

First the number...
We leave the 0.9.x series and finally decided to cross the barrier of the "One point Zero".
The project is now mature enough and the product is good enough to cross this psychological step !

Then, we definitely moved to PHP 5.3.
The most important reason is the support of namespaces.
We haven't currently rewrite the whole CMS using namespaces, but this will certainly be done for some next release.

New features

  • Backend and modules Roles management. Roles replace groups, and each user is linked to a role. Backend actions on resources (permissions) can be restricted to given roles. Roles are also available for modules and the module developer can set resources which will be found in the role's settings panel.
  • Permissions can also be set for pages or articles of the website: The editor sets the permission to roles and sets the behavior in case of restricted access (403, 404 or "must login"). In case of articles, the behavior can be got through tags.
  • Events. Your module needs to do some stuff after one article is saved ? It needs to be informed when one media is uploaded, linked, unlinked ? Now you can simply register to the event and get the concerned object, without hacking the core.

ionize's backend

  • The dashboard was redesigned, and Google Analytics main data can now directly be displayed when the user logs on the backend.
  • We added the "MediaList" : This panel displays all the media stored in database and give one global access to the medias meta data. In a glance, you see which media has the famous "ALT" attribute missing and of course directly edit them.

Tags and frontend

We improved some tags, correct others and give new capabilities to them:

  • Articles can be displayed inside the navigation tag,
  • media and url tags can be used as standalone tags,
  • the articles tag can get the range attribute, like the medias one

And now ?

We will update the documentation in the next days and correct few problems we discovered a little bit lately.

In the mean time, you can download ionize here or, if you're afraid about it, just test it here.

Have fun !