The 1.0.5 is released !

wednesday 22 january 2014 at 13h28

We're again very proud to release ionize 1.0.5.

You didn't heard alot about between the 1.0.0 and the 1.0.4 because these releases were just minor one, fixing some bugs.

In fact, this time also, we correct a lot of little things to make the CMS better and better.
Here is the list of changes !


Setup of "reply_to" email in the forms config file : If set to "form", when the admin receives one email from one form, the reply command of the mail software will reply to the sender.


Use of any module model from any other module : Modules models can be loaded and used from every other module.


- Settings > Ionize interface > Dashboard : Add of Quick Settings on the dashboard
- Settings > Ionize interface > Display offline content : If checked, displays the offline content of the frontend to the backend logged in user. If not checked, the website frontend will looks like the visitors see it.
- Correction of the MP3 player
- Correction of media uploader in HTML5 mode


Better cache keys calculation for tags, resulting in better cache management, specially for paginated articles.

Extend Fields

- Display of default lang label as backend label
- Filter articles and medias by extend field directly from tag :
<ion:medias type="picture" ion_logo="0" >...</ion:medias>
<ion:articles ion_test="1" >...</ion:articles >


Tag <ion:page /> :

- Add of the attribute "render", to render page's view when the <ion:page /> tag is used inside one other page.
Useful to build "one page design" websites.

- Add of the attribute "menu", to limit the returned pages on the one linked to one given menu.
Example :
<ion:pages menu="main" >...</ion:pages>


Get articles based on multiple types.

Example : To get articles with the type 'bloc', 'content' or with no types :
<ion:articles types="bloc, content, NULL" />


Filter medias by every media field and by extend field.

Example :
You set one extend field called "logo", which is a checkbox with values 1 or 0.
Note : Every extend field will be prefixed "ion_" in the object data array.

To filter medias based on this extend field :

<ion:medias type="picture" ion_logo="0" >...</ion:medias>



- Return the picture source URL if the picture is smaller than the asked thumb
- The tag <ion:media:src /> returns the correct URL if the media is one external video (youtube, vimeo, etc.)
- The tag <ion:media:provider /> returns the name of the external provider (youtube, vimeo, etc.)


- Correction of several little CI bugs
- Remove of the helper now() to avoid incompatibility problems with other frameworks.
- Log class : Add of one level of debugging : 'app'. This level has the same level than error (1) but displays 'APP' instead of 'ERROR' in the log file.
Usage : log_message('app', $foo);
- Add of the helper admin_style_url() : returns the URL to the Admin theme style folder

Here is the link to give a try to this new release :