User Guide

Pages, Articles, URLs

Your website is composed of pages and articles.

Pages are containers for articles and are the items of your website navigation.

Pages and articles are available for the visitors through URL, like for example:

One URL must be composed of alphanumerical characters, without spaces, quotes or special chars.

Let's consider that one URL must only contains the following chars : [a-z] , [0-9] et [_-]

When creating a page or an article, Ionize build dynamicaly one URL, based on the title. It is possible to change this URL after title edition or at any other time.


Take care when changing one URL when one element is already published. It can affect the Google results if the crawler has already indexed this URL.

More of that, if external websites made links to your website, these links will not work anymore if you change the URL.

If you really need to change one URL, make it quickly!