#1 Re: Important Survey: why did you tried ionize CMS? » Why Ionize, Why Not ? It's great ? It sucks ? Tell us ! » 2013-07-23 13:28:22

- Who are you ?
I'm a young Freelancer Programmer from Brasil, my name is Wanderlei.

- Which CMS were you using before Ionize, why was it horrible or better ?
First I was using an own cms, then I found SiteManagr(isn't so powerful) and
customize it a lot to suit my requirements.

- Why did you switch to Ionize ?
I really falling in love with Ionize!!! I switch to it because it's very simple,
easy to use and the Tag system is amazing, simple to use and fast to develop.
My clients needs a CMS that they can learn to use very quickly, so
Ionize is the best choise.

- What things made you happy in Ionize ?
I'd really like to see more documentation, because I'd like to
know how everything works behind the scenes and if possible
to help improve and develop the system.

- How would you introduce the benefits of Ionize to your client ?
  - Easy and quickly to Use for all ages;
  - extensible, powerful ;

- About what were you disappointed or frustrated in Ionize ?
For now, only documentation for the API.

Sorry for my bad English! smile

What's Ionize ?

Ionize is an Open Source Content Management System created by webdesigners for webdesigners.

Created and maintained by Partikule and Toopixel, Ionize wants to be the easiest and most powerful CMS.

Can I help ?

Because talent is nothing without involvement, we are looking for motivated coders and webdesigners to join the project team.


Website : ionizecms.com
Documentation : doc.ionizecms.com

Development : Ionize on GitHub
Translations : Ionize Translations