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Byzantin Translator : Translate the backend !

We're very happy to introduce "Byzantin Translator".

Byzantin Translator is the Ionize backend translation module.

It works with Ionize 0.9.9 and gives you the ability to easily translate the backend without directly editing the sources files.
It is one backend module only for the moment. That means you need to be editor to be able to use it.

Features :
- Select the source language and source file to translate,
- Select the destination lang and destination language file,
- Creates the destination lang folder if it doesn't exists,
- Saves backup of already existing translated file at each save

You want to translate the Ionize backend ?
- Download and install the module here : https://github.com/ionize/ionize-module-byzantin
- Send us your translation package (zip of the lang folder in /application/language/) at team[at]ionizecms[dot]com

We will add your translation package in the GitHub translation repository : https://github.com/ionize/ionize-translations

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Re: Byzantin Translator : Translate the backend !

It's Amazing.

When i finish, send to us a Catalan translation smile


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Re: Byzantin Translator : Translate the backend !

I have sent to you my french translation.

A translation already exists, but it was not 100% translate.


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