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Ionize Core Team
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Join the team

Why join the team?
- Because you like Ionize and you want to get involved in a great open source CMS,
- Because you have good ideas about Ionize and you want them to be implemented,
- Because you fell you can bring something to Ionize in coding, graphic design, organization,
- Because the Ionize evolution is going too slowly and you want to implement quickly new functionalities,
- Because you want your name in the team member list... wink

How join the team ?
Write in this forum little description about :
- your skills and your power skills,
- links to what you done... If you done nothing, the motivation to do something can be enough !
- what you will and want to bring to ionize

When will I become team member?
As you can understand it, we will not open the Ionize Sources in write mode simply to the first who ask.
The first step before become a team member is to bring some good enhancements, bug correction, modules and anything else to the project (you can use the forum for that).

Will I be paid?
Ionize is an Open Source project.
You will certainly become a lot of smiles or greetings from the ionize users... that's the money you will become!
But of course get involved in the core of ionize will also brings you skills that will make your clients happy!

Work organization
Ionize sources and project are hosted on GitHub : http://www.github.com/ionize/ionize/

On GitHub, you can open issues concerning the next release.

On the forum, we're waiting for suggestion and bugs concerning the current release.
Bugs will be corrected for next release, usually.

Motivated and excited by ionize ? Let's post to the forum !

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What's Ionize ?

Ionize is an Open Source Content Management System created by webdesigners for webdesigners.

Created and maintained by Partikule and Toopixel, Ionize wants to be the easiest and most powerful CMS.

Can I help ?

Because talent is nothing without involvement, we are looking for motivated coders and webdesigners to join the project team.


Website : ionizecms.com
Documentation : doc.ionizecms.com

Development : Ionize on GitHub
Translations : Ionize Translations