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Few words about Ionize versus Wordpress

I'm glad to see that de v1 is for tomorrow. The perfect CMS i have ever seen :
- modular
- simple
- clear
- easy to maintain
- module easy to write
- ans backoffice easy for customers.

I tested Wordpress, i had to debug some template, plugin, etc...
I don't know why Wordpress is one of the Blog Engine loved by people. Code is like a plate of spaghetti, with CSS, piece of plugin, html and sql query in one file. Berk, berk and re-berk.

I Hope Ionize v1 will be the next generation of Blog/Site Engine.

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Re: Few words about Ionize versus Wordpress

At the moment I have honestly to say that for a php developer the "tag system" is making really hard times...
Maybe the core developers know it better than me and can achieve things easier - but this counts currently not for me.

IonizeCMS uses CI as backend - so there should be no need to introduce "tags" at all, CI has already a viewer-class and if the template designer is able to access the $CI-instance he is able to do everything. But in ionize he is also able to do it.

The use of that tag system makes it more complex: you have to build libraries (if you use something multiple times across different controllers). But to use it in themed views, you are forced to write Tag-classes. This is just another layer which should not be needed.

The one thing which attracted me: the backend looked really nice and I liked the multilingual part. The rest is something which could and maybe should be overhauled for the sake of some more usage of the underlying CI.

Just give me a reason why you are forced to manually generate pages for modules to get a themed view? This should be done automagically (alias-fields are already used...).
If I create a page (eg. "users") which is filled with the corresponding "theme view", I am at the moment not allowed to make a "domain.tld/users/action/value"-call. Therefor it must be a "module"-view (else you get 404). But there is no easy way to make the template behave according the action->value. That is why I patched my git-version of ionize with some new ion-tags to make that work (albeit not how I wanted it to work - but it is a small change so I think this is ok).

I aknowledge that there is much work done by the maintainers, and it contains really nice features - but for me (only me!) it is still a long route to a v1.0.0 (which would be called featurecomplete in open-source-jargon).
So maybe after 0.9.9.x it is better to have a 0.10.0.x.

I already wrote about "maintainability" concerning "modules" and their updates (just think about 3rd party modules which may get updated - you will not dive into the mess of database migration ... this should be done by the backend). As I do not need that at the moment for my clients project, I may code that, but first I will have to await my current patches to get accepted/declined - I prefer avoiding later merging when codebases differ to much).

Sorry for ranting.



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Re: Few words about Ionize versus Wordpress

I understand what you say @Ron. I follow Ionize from a while, and i know the tag system (i think). With thoses systems with tags, developpers can do everything quickly instead of hard coding to extract image in the excerpt of Wordpress.
I take this example, because i tried to implement some things in a blog for a friend. This thing, is too simple : adding links of articles without images in the homepage. It's simple to do ? No ?

The answer is no. I tried to learn in the Codex some function... The codex... Wouaaa, a crap where i don't understand where i am, so impossible to search what i wan't...
Ok. I switch with an other strategy : checking in google, my friend, like : "wordpress howto not show image in excerpt".

With ionize, you display what you want.
With Wordpress, you must delete some datas from the core to display what you want. In my case, i must delete the <img> tag from the excerpt() method.

Perhaps i missed something ? Is there a better way to do that in Wordpress ?

I undestand what you say @Ron. Making libraries is perhaps harder... But templates are clean, and not coded by pig.
Wordpress, for me, it's for hurried developpers... making site/blog quickly, and never mind for the code !

It's perhaps the spirit of the world in our century : making ugly things, quickly and passionless.

For thoses reason, even Ionize is more difficult to learn/maintain/code, i prefer developp with, because it's my philosophy : taking the time to do pretty job tongue

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