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Romanian Translations (ro-RO)

Hi to everyone,

We are a small team of web developers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania/Europe.
We have extensive experience with .NET but in the past few months we've been extremely disappointed and unsatisfied with Microsoft's direction regarding its web technologies. As a result, CodeIgniter was our choice for a PHP framework, mainly because it's lightweight and MVC oriented.

Last week we have just discovered Ionize CMS and it looks just great: super light interface, modules, lots of nice detail options, and so on (of course, I've just analyzed the admin part yet).

So, we've decided to use Ionize CMS for our new projects.
As a first step, we would like to translate the admin into Romanian and share this with the community (yes, I know, there might not be so many Romanian developers/users yet, but integrating this language might have future benefits to potential new Romanian developers/users/clients).

Also, we are already implementing a very simple module called "Editable Areas" that will allow users to define rich content in multiple languages and then use it in the public site (each editable area will have unique string code by which it will be used in site). To summarize - these areas are like content placeholders.
It will be our first module (we are testing the development with Ionize CMS) and we'll be glad to share it with the community and get some useful feedback and, why not, recommendations/guidelines.

What is the next step after we complete the translation and the module - what is the procedure to submit these?
And by the way, this might have already been asked around here, are there any plans to write a developer documentation? That would be of great help - we still need some help with discovering the full power of Ionize.



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Re: Romanian Translations (ro-RO)

Hi Adrian and welcome to Ionize !

For the moment, we unfortunately don't have a dedicated place for user's modules, but it's planned for a near future.

So, you can send me the translations files in a zip and I will include them in the next release !

The developper documentation is also planned and will be available I think end september.

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