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New blog post: Getting the CMS settings from views or controllers

Just posted a quick tip & trick on the Ionize blog:
http://www.ionizecms.com/news/getting-t … ontrollers

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Re: New blog post: Getting the CMS settings from views or controllers

I am creating a site using your cms but i can not create submenu.I am creating a menu called sample.I want to create a submenu of this menu but i can not create submenu of sample.please help me to get rid of this problem


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Re: New blog post: Getting the CMS settings from views or controllers

A 'Menu', as described in http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/using-ioniz … tent/menus, is a top level container. From there, tree-heirachy is enforced by the each items 'parent' and can be also referenced by the 'level' attribute see http://doc.ionizecms.com/tags-reference/navigation-tags

To be brief, if you want to use a 'submenu' that displays the appropriate items according to the tree navigation scheme (ie. what you see in the backend navigation sidebar and affect using the 'parent' selectors in the options sidebar) then you would probably want to look at


Simply use the 'level' attribute (as defined in the doco) by setting it to the desired page level + 1, page level starting from 0

That should answer your needs as it should carry across all sub-pages as well, always starting from the current pages level X parent.

Also remember that you can hide pages from the nav by deselecting  'display in nav', you really shouldn't need a second menu to hold reachable pages('has url' & 'present in nav') as you can use these attributes combined with 'depth' and 'level' to suit most sceneries.

For example, I'm only keeping odd pages such as my 404 and header & footer in a second 'Menu', and i dont really even need that, it just breaks up the content when viewing on the backend.

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