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Release of ionize 1.0.3

We just released ionize 1.0.3 !

We essentially correct a lot of little things :
- User Edition on dashboard
- Article filtering on menu in articles
- Modules's config file
- Add of URL creation from Cyrillic chars

We also corrected the Demo module (including the doc), which fits from now the new feature of the 1.0.x.

Finally, we added some missing things to the documentation :
- How to use Events : http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/events
- Add Permissions to your modules : http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/tutorials/b … ermissions
- How to build one module without creating tags : http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/tutorials/b … le-no-tags


The module's tag library file changed its name :
/libraries/tags.php is replaced by /librairies/<module_key>_tags.php

For one module "Demo" :
/modules/Demo/librairies/tags.php is deprecated and replaced by :

One last thing :
For backend webdesigners :
We made the backend customizable, styles are in : /themes/admin/styles/
Even all styles aren't centralized for the moment, this is one first step to custom Admin panels.

Have fun !

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Re: Release of ionize 1.0.3

Thank you guys! and Congratulations!!!


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