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My CMS website is not accessible

Hi all,
   I am having a problem my website is not accessible and unable to login to admin panel Few days ago I got a msg from Google regarding an error in the Robot Txt file. But Now I am unable to see my site as well and could not reach to the admin panel.

Please let me know how i can resolve this issue here is the link of my site  http://www.rashmi.com/


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Re: My CMS website is not accessible

There is perhaps a dns problem :

You don't have 'www' key with your domain.

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Re: My CMS website is not accessible

Yeh, you might to look at your htaccess as well.

You have the strangest response to what should be a 404 request, you just append .php and try again - repeating until infinity if the file doesn't exist...

Just google "how to setup 404 page" or even just "404 page htaccess", try and find why it does that and fix it.

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