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A cache system? or something like

I understand that the v1.0 is comming up and i was thinking in a cache system for the core, something like fragment cache for the adquisition of the tree from the database, or directly the entirely page cache.
At this moment i had to hack the page controller to add the native cache library from code igniter for generate a cached file of every page and in the admin controller delete the cache file generated every time i add, update or delete a page or an article.
Obiously with the disadvantage that the content isn't realtime displayed, the  realtime content (like youtube videos or last coments) is loaded via ajax and the cache time for this content is less than the cache time for the pages.
In the admin page, i've added the settings for specify the time cache.


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Re: A cache system? or something like

We will think about it for sure, we have to think of a better cache system than the original CI cache which is not really reliable.

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