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How to automatically link all media in a folder to an article?

Hi folks

Because of the excellent multilingualism, the very easy back end (my wife can use it without problems) and the user authorisation, I would like to use Ionize for our protected familiy homepage which also includes a (quite huge) image gallery. Our pictures are all organised in folders and subfolder (year/month/subject). One gallery (equals one folder) can contain up to 50 or even more pictures. And we have a lot of galleries...
Therefore, to add the pictures by hand with the media manager is quite cumbersome because it does not seem to be possible to select multiple files and add them at once (or do I miss something?).
Hence I am looking for a way to link all pictures (or media) from one folder with one simple click to the article.

Any suggestions?

Your help is highly appreciated!

Regards, Tensai

P.S.: a very big "thumbs up" to the programmers of Ionize! Especially the implementation of multilingualism while keeping it very easy to use, is the best I have ever seen in a CMS and exactly what I was looking for.


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Re: How to automatically link all media in a folder to an article?

You can create a PHP script which creates the media entity in the database and then links to an article on <your logic here> basis.


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