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Who needs Umbraco.............................


Am based in London, contract web developer.  Glad to post my first message and join this fantastic community.

Discovered ionize when I was deciding whether to build my own cms or integrate my existing site with a codeigniter cms based solution, after looking at a few demos, fuelcms, PyroCMS, etc ionize grabbed my attention for how sleek, fast and responsive it was. started going through the documentation yesterday and playing with the cms and I have to say so far it seems fantastic, in the c# field umbraco is rated very highly and I have to say what I have seen so far the design an implementation of this cms is excellent, who needs umbraco.

Keep up the good work guys


What's Ionize ?

Ionize is an Open Source Content Management System created by webdesigners for webdesigners.

Created and maintained by Partikule and Toopixel, Ionize wants to be the easiest and most powerful CMS.

Can I help ?

Because talent is nothing without involvement, we are looking for motivated coders and webdesigners to join the project team.


Website : ionizecms.com
Documentation : doc.ionizecms.com

Development : Ionize on GitHub
Translations : Ionize Translations