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Forum : Add "Solved" option on topics

Hi everybody,

I've posted some topics on this forum, and never neglect to congratulate you for this great and really amazing CMS. So once again : congrats.

Though, for newbies like me, who are a bit lost at the beginning, the best way to find answers and/or ask for help is this forum.

Unfortunately, it's (for now at least) a little complicated to find something really helpfull among this thousands posts.
A lot of them don't have a real answer and get lost in space.

For example : I posted a topic and nobody will give a damn anymore to answer my question coz' it has 3 replies and doesn't appear in "unanswered" anymore though I don't have any clue how to do what I asked about.

A lot of forums have the possibility for users to declare a topic as [Solved] and (maybe I'm asking too much) vote for the best answer that really helped them.

SO, in the end (yes, I talk a lot), I think that it would be a grand advance for Ionize to offer this option in its forum.

Coz' YEAH, I plan to learn a lot about Ionize and maybe in the future help you to develop it (e.g: useful modules, ideas, and so on). But to do so, I don't deny that I will have to undrstand it fully !! big_smile



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Re: Forum : Add "Solved" option on topics

I would be happy if  they will do it.
I too really like the CMS - its one of the best.


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