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Ion Tester
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About ideas.

Since we all have some ideas (some good, some not) maybe following aproach could be good.

Ionize core team could make theme on forum called Roadmap. Then select ideas talked about here and include them in roadmap. Roadmap can have few sections: core, module and every section could have few priority levels: high(for next version) middle(for future), low(nice idea, but we dont know when will be time for this).


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Ionize Core Team
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Re: About ideas.


Good idea !

We will do this with our space on Assembla : https://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/ionize

We didin't had time to update this space these last time, but it will be updated the first days of september.

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Re: About ideas.

Great idea!
I will look at Assembla because I have not seen it before. I have always used Mantis for my projects so it is always nice to see what others use.


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