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BIRU, Simple blogging theme for ionize

Hi, this is my theme contribution for ionizecms 1.0.6

Biru theme converted from CoolBlue by styleshout with some modification to addapt with ionizecms.
For more styling info, you can download original template.


  • develop under ionizecms v.1.0.6, I recommend to upgrade your system to latest the one.

  • Biru is multilingual ready, all static texts are defined by < ion:lang > tag, so you can easily change language without touching file.

  • Biru suitable for blogging, simple corporate, and business purpose.

  • Biru theme also including custom search view

  • Completed with various < meta > on header.php and favicon file

  • Include PSD file for logo

you can find readme.html inside the zip.

  1. Donload and extract to your local computer, you can find two folder, THEME and MODULE

  2. Go to your ionizecms Search Module (yoursite/modules), backup the original module

  3. Upload all files under THEMES to your themes folder (yoursite/themes)

  4. Upload all files under MODULE to your modules folder (yoursite/modules)

  5. Login and activate Biru theme trough admin page

  6. Done. Check your site.


  1. Go to your translate items, define all translated item with your language

  2. Register your site to Bing and edit header.php and enter your bing identity

too large, sorry


please give your shout here.

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