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[Request] Sheet management and save in file format

I need a management module of club.
Users once connect, can create and modify a sheet with several specific field.

The sheets will be then available in a directory.

Is a module exists?
And if not do you think this is feasible?
I shall take all the suggestions or comment, to help me in this endeavor.

Thank you.


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Re: [Request] Sheet management and save in file format

You can create the custom forms and you can save the datas to file or in to database (maybe you can create an article in a page) But if you want select the datas you need module or you can use the standard articles.

How to create custom form: http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/tags-reference/form-tags
Content creating: https://github.com/adamos42/io_contents … _model.php

Soon I will upload the developed version from that module, which will has the page creation and better comments for community.

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