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[MERGED] Adding Youtube reduced URL management in backend

Ionize can add Youtube video URL, but don't understand URL like "http://youtu.be/kYNPtDbykp0"

To manage it, edit the file


Search for the method 'get_service_info()' line 1057
Now, add this code before the first Youtube check :

 // Youtube (reduced URL)
if (
	substr($base_path, 0, 15) == 'http://youtu.be'
	$service = array(
		'path' => 'http://www.youtube.com/embed/' . $file_name,
		'provider' => 'youtube'
	return $service;

@michel-ange : pull-request sended in github

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Re: [MERGED] Adding Youtube reduced URL management in backend

Pull request merged !

Thanks Kink.

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