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BASIC information for webdesigners

This a not a suggestion about Ionize itself, but about the official website and documentation.
In my opinion, your presentation maybe great for coders, but it's completely useless for webdesigners. I understand that some coding will be necessary to deploy a Ionize website, and that's ok. But one thing is focusing primarily on coders (which is normal at early stages), and another thing is not to offer ANY basic information on the customization features of the frontoffice interface, which is normally the main concern of any webdesigner. Has Ionize ANY feature on this, in fact? I read all the website presentation, I browsed the documentation for webdesigners and I used the demo, but I still know nothing about the possibilities of the template system. I only know it exists, but I haven't been able to locate it in the demo, or read any useful information on the forums or documentation that would encourage me to try your software as a webdesigner.

More or less this also applies to the modules system and the whole set of basic features for any website. For example, can I install an image gallery? How? No idea. I found no quick information at all. In short, all your presentation feels a lot like geeky stuff for those already into the project, than useful (and MARKET-ORIENTATED) information for those frustrated designers and coders bounced back from Wordpress+WPLM, Joomla+Joomfish, and all their incompatibilities and multilingual shortcomings with their themes and plugins.


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Re: BASIC information for webdesigners

Ionize works with its great system templating.
Template is html and ionize tags (and perhaps, few PHP).
Example of Ionize tags :


Each page in backoffice can be linked to a template.

You can create a website in Ionize with no PHP code, <ion> tags only.

To create an image gallery, it's simple. The goal is to check the current page, then list articles and loop each article to get medias. If media is a picture, display the picture. If media is a video, display an iframe…
The template can look like this :

            <ion:media is="picture">
                <img src="<ion:src />">
            <ion:media is="video>
                <iframe src="<ion:src />"></iframe>


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Re: BASIC information for webdesigners

@Lobogc, IonizeCMS is a 'content' management system, nothing to do with the design of the website.

Its documentation shows clear examples of most ways to retrieve database content for presentation, which is exactly what ionizecms on the frontend is.

Its layered ontop of Codeigniter, so can use a few functions from that (like paragraph limiter) and you can easily create your own helper functions to manipulate returned content (see 'helper' and 'function' attribute).

For example, there is no example of an slideshow, but there IS clear documentation on how to return all images attached to an object. That is EXACTLY what ionize is - if you want a nice slideshow then find one and just use ionize tags to retrieve neccessary images.

Another example is navigation tag - great flexible approach that you can easily customize by creating your own helper version (some doco on that, also i remember some in forum too). It gives you a easy way to create a navigation menu, but the actual design is up to you.

IonizeCMS is a great multi-lingual content management system, but as with most similar systems, its up to you to design the actual website - ionize tags are there so you can retrieve the raw 'content'.

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Re: BASIC information for webdesigners

Thanks Kink and thanks Damascus for your answers.

That's exactly the purpose of ionize : to not force the webdesigner with frontend behaviors.
As the webdesigner can retrieve every element (articles, pictures), he stays free to use elements in the way he wants.

For image galleries, you can use ether :
- One article, with picture linked to it (with one given article type, if you want to have this article in one page having other articles)
- With one static item or content element containing one "media" extend field

Of course @Lobogc, what's missing is some doc on "how to build one gallery", "how to build this or that" tutorials.

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