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Hello Dears,

I try to fix a bug - I guess - in your version using your online demo but I'm quiet sure it's not the last version...

Problem is that the top bar (title + menu + languages) disappears on Mobile display size (also test on a iPhone...).

If I check your online demo - the "header" part - I can see differences f.ex. in class...

Could you please help me to "debug" that ?

Thank you in advance !


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Re: top bar menu problem

I have found how to have the top-bar title !

In > views > on your page "header.php"
You have a line
<nav data-topbar="" class="top-bar hide-for-small">
Change this to
<nav data-topbar="" class="top-bar">

Then you will have the title line on Mobile !

But I still don't have the menu :-(
Any idea ?


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Re: top bar menu problem

Hello Roseline,

Your problem looks linked to the frontend theme you're using, this seems not directly linked to ionize.

Have a look on how your topbar react when the screen becomes smaller.

One suggestion is to display your menu outside any HTML tags of your design, to confirm it is still displaying and then go deeper in the HTML / JS analyse.

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Re: top bar menu problem

Hi Michel-Ange,

Thank you for your feedback !

I try this and I'm quiet sure yet that's a problem with foundation CSS ;-)
So I will check it and give you news asp.....


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