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The future of Ionize.................... eerie silence

I was an active member of the Codeigniter forum, over time doom and gloom took over in regards to the future to its future, a lot of great community members jumped ship to other frameworks(mainly laravel it seems) and eventually the community and Codeigniter framework suffered as a result.

Which now brings me on to Ionize, I think Ionize is a great cms, truly grateful for the amount of work/support/effort the ionize team has put into it, however it feels like there is an eerie silence all to similar with what happened with Codeigniter.

I would hate to see such a great cms like ionize have no future.

Ionize team, if you have time could you let us the community know whether Ionize has a great future and whether you lot are in this for the long haul!!

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Re: The future of Ionize.................... eerie silence

Hem, i can just say that i'm here. We are a small community, and there are perhaps few contributors to optimize the Core.
Code Igniter suffer of an old framework, old style coding, old fashion. But simple to code.
Ionize try to include new OOP. But it's long and hard.
And because there are few contributors for the Core and less beta tester, each new release of Ionize are harder to maintain.

I saw that many projects are developed with release 0.9.5 !!

For me, Ionize is a very good way to do what my customers want. I Hate Wordpress, and the idea that a pseudo Dot Com agency can by a theme, a module and sell a website with no effort. Pouah.

I'm working on a big Ionize website, stay tuned, it's a surprise wink

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Re: The future of Ionize.................... eerie silence

I really love Ionize, my clients love it too.

I don't know how to program, but thanks to Ionize I'm able to build really good, fast, an easy tu use and update web sites.

But, I too have that little fear of being Ionize being dead as Codeigniter is now.

I always wonder why Ionize is not more pupular, I have tryed lots of CMS and by far Ionize is the simplest, and fastest CMS out there.


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Re: The future of Ionize.................... eerie silence


Like @Kink mentioned, i have a major (and highly customized) project developed with 0.9.5 - and everyone loves it smile

I did have to do extra effort creating a html render/compile/save script and use that to return optimized html to many pages, and a few other tricks to help speed up the overall website when we hit 8+ languages, 600+ articles and 100+ pages (not including pagination), but my client loves it and i challenge any other cms to provide such easy multi-lingual capabilities, without massive overhead in management.

Im also a little suprised its not as popular, but i guess the use case for multi-lingual off same domain/backend is somewhat limited, and mostly allow own offices thier own (as in seperate code base and database) website (as my client previously did, much to thier growing despair as it slowely became even more of a nightmare to maintain.

It also issnt too hard to have it setup so you can keep 1 management backend and push content to multiple deployment servers, and other tricks to make this manageable even for massive companies.

Codeigniter does have faults, but for the most part ive loved working with it too find it very easy to code in.

Ive found ionize to be fairly well documented from designer point of view, not hard to modify and extend from developer point of view, and a dream to work with from the combined point of view of someone having to create a large, highly customized multi-lingual website that is flexible enough to accommodate both major and minor changes.

Largely it comes down to how you use the Tags to 'glue' your content together, but the breadth of flexibility combined with the ease i was able to modify even core components - it made my day smile

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