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why db driver is set to the mysqli ??

apache 2, php 5.3, mysql 5.1.39

and ionizeCMS 1.0.7..

When I first setup the CMS, the process is stopped after the database configuration setting.

I printed the some variables..in the installer files.
and I found that the process is stopped '    function _save_database_settings() in the Installer.php'

$fields = array('db_driver', 'db_hostname', 'db_name', 'db_username');

If I check the $fields , the 'db_driver' is mysqli

but my server is only installed mysql , not mysqli but mysql.

so from there, the process is stopped...

Why does the CMS recognize the db driver as 'mysqli', even if my server don't have the mysqli ???

Should I install the mysqli module in addition to the mysql ??...

Is there any way to succeed with the mysql driver(not mysqli) ????


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Re: why db driver is set to the mysqli ??

MySQLi is not a database - it's extension, like normal MySQL for PHP.
Difference between MySQLi and MySQL is that MySQLi is objective. Also MySQL extension is deprecated from PHP 5.5.0
So, if you're using XAMPP, install newer version, if not, just add or reinstall MySQLi extension.

PS: You can change to "mysql" in database connection settings. CodeIgniter has support for mysql and mysqli, so it's not a problem I think...

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Re: why db driver is set to the mysqli ??

Solved, after I changed mysqli to mysql , Thanks


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