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Allow user to Upload Profle image and Videos

Hello Friends..

i am working on a project where i have to allow users to upload profile image and videos.

So i want to know is it possible with ionize,  if yes please help me how can do that

mr kumar

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Re: Allow user to Upload Profle image and Videos


That really issnt an issue regarding ionizecms.

Ionize is built upon CodeIgniter, which has copious documentation and plently of example code out there for handling all kinds of file uploads.

IonizeCMS would be responsible for holding translated content to be displayed on pages, but Codeigniter controllers and AJAX would be your best way of managing user profiles in my opinion.

Ionize would have little to do directly with users uploading content unless you truly desired it to, by use of modules and ect. But i have little experience there but have used many Codeigniter style controllers, usually called via ajax but not always, just provide pathing using /application/config/routes.php)

Anything Codeigniter can do, ionize can do, though again i would recommend ajax to help seperate certain logic like that from ionize tagmanager and the like.

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