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CodeIgniter coding pattern in Ionize?

Can one use the normal codeigniter coding pattern on Ionize? since it is based on codeigniter. For instance, am building an application that does not need articles as its major features so the ion: article tag may not be that helpful. If yes, are there any implications


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Re: CodeIgniter coding pattern in Ionize?


Ionize is heavily tag based, what tags do you think you will be using to build your application?
Not using article tags is not a problem, as you can just use pages or modules to build your application.
Modules follow a similar codeigniter coding pattern but not exact so you may have to write extra code to achieve things that codeigniter already has out the box.

I think you do need to ask yourself if you need a cms, as might be better just for you to use codeigniter to build the application, if you give us more details on what your trying to achieve maybe we can help you make your choice


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Re: CodeIgniter coding pattern in Ionize?

You can use codeigniter coding patter in Ionize, your module can be access on frontend:

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
$config['module']['demo'] = array
    'module' => "Demo",
    'name' => "Demo Module",
    'description' => "Demo module. Manage articles's authors.",
    'author' => "Partikule",
    'version' => "1.1",
    // 'uri' should be the module's folder in lowercase.
    // From 1.0.3, it is not mandatory to set 'uri'.
    'uri' => 'demo',
    'has_admin'=> TRUE,
    'has_frontend'=> TRUE,
return $config['module']['demo'];

After configuration you must create your own frontend if you want, I use this to get ajax response with html content.
Right now Ionize only works with ion tags, the native php version is on development, but the core team does not have time, because their have lot of clients.

Im working on a Ionize version where the codeigniter coding pattern is back, where you can work with native php, ionize tags and smarty or dwoo template engine. Keep updated: http://ionizecms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2136

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