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An Error Was Encountered Internal error : No pages found.

I've installed and run ionizecms on MAMP and everything was running smoothly until all files & database uploaded to web hosting server.

The webhosting support told me there is some issues and ask me to find solution from software developer. Please help me fix this.

Error messages :

"An Error Was Encountered

Internal error : No pages found.
Solution: Create at least one online page."

Web url : http://reezalaq.com/

Thank you.


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Re: An Error Was Encountered Internal error : No pages found.


Just tested your link and I see your site is up and running, does that mean you solved your issue?
If so can you edit your title and add "[solved]"

if this wasn't the solution:

Solution: Create at least one online page."

please add solution to help future people who view this post.

However if you are still experiencing issues let me know.


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Re: An Error Was Encountered Internal error : No pages found.

Oh yea I solved it alright ..

Solved it by moving all my files to another web hosting because the old one probably limit certain functionalities which cause the problem and their technical support have no idea what they were doing. LOL!
All pages were online ..

Technically I don't know what causing it but their technical support told me there was some coding issues involved. Fortunately everything work just fine after the migration of the same installation. Next step, I just have to change nameservers for my domain to point at the new hosting account.

If anybody else having the same issues, they can either ask their web hosting support to check what's wrong with their hosting account setting or just migrate to other reliable hosting.

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Re: An Error Was Encountered Internal error : No pages found.

Hello kradzcalypse! I was with the same problem and I think I solved it without changing the host server.

I was receiving this error in the log file:

ERROR - 2018-06-11 13:17:49 --> Error in the query : 
ERROR - 2018-06-11 13:17:49 --> SELECT DISTINCT content_type.view, content_type.view_single, url.path, url.path_ids, url.full_path_ids, group_concat(url2.path separator ';') as url_paths, group_concat(url2.lang separator ';') as url_langs, page.id_page as id, page_lang.*, page.*
FROM (page)
LEFT JOIN `content_type` as content_type ON `page`.`id_content_type` = `content_type`.`id_content_type`
LEFT JOIN `url` as url ON `page`.`id_page` = `url`.`id_entity` AND (url.type = 'page' AND url.active = 1 AND url.lang = 'pt-br')
LEFT JOIN `url` as url2 ON `page`.`id_page` = `url2`.`id_entity` AND (url2.type = 'page' AND url2.active = 1 )
LEFT JOIN page_lang ON page_lang.id_page = page.id_page AND page_lang.lang = 'pt-br'
WHERE `page`.`online` = '1'
AND ((publish_off > now()
OR publish_off = 0)
AND (publish_on < now()
OR publish_on = 0))
GROUP BY `page`.`id_page`
ORDER BY `page`.`level` ASC, `page`.`ordering` ASC

So, I search for this query in the models files. I found in the page_model.php file:

The "group by" expression start at the 149th line:


Below this line, I put this:


And it worked! Hope can help someone.

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