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Media manager stopped working (vers. 0.9.7)

Hi, everybody!

My media manager stopped working and I don't know why. Here is what I found out:

1. Uploading a picture (works fine).
2. Trying to assign picture to an Article (Select file) =>
3: Get an ERROR: "Impossible to get the image size : /var/data/www/some_domain/htdocs/"

After some investigation I found out that at some point the uploaded media details is not stored in database (nothing is inserted to database table "media" if uploading new files). Everything works fine if I assign a picture which has its meta available in "media" table.

What could break the insert clause to "media" table? I can create and update articles, so connection string is fine.

CMS version: 0.9.7
PHP version: 5.4.41
mysql version: 5.6.24


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Re: Media manager stopped working (vers. 0.9.7)

I also having the same problem, anyone can help with this ?



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