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Email view check data existence

After a form is submitted I sent an email to admin. I like to find out if a checkbox is checked.
Problem is that if the checkbox is not checked de data tag (<ion:data:fieldname/>) gives an error. If it is checked it gives the value.
How can I see if it is checked to avoid the error (Tag missing: radio-heen, scope: data.) in the email?



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Re: Email view check data existence


You have to check that the data is isset in the data scope. Maybe an ion:data function will do it, sadly I dont see which function is added to the data, I can se that the data: tag is defined in the libraries/Tagmanager/Email.php withc extending the Tagmanager.

I think the Email cass should be extended with a data:isset where you will able to check some data is exists or defined.

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