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Access to new folder as in FILES folder

How can I create a folder in the root eg. www.mywebsite.com/docs/ and have acces to the files inside of it with the URL of the document. Example:  www.mywebsite.com/docs/mydocument.pdf

Thanks very much guys !!! smile


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Re: Access to new folder as in FILES folder


The quickest method is just to create a page within ionize called 'docs' then attach all the PDF's you need to this page.
You can loop through the medias using http://doc.ionizecms.com/en/tags-reference/media-tags

Files are stored within ''files'' folder by default in ionize, when a user clicks any of the links set within www.mywebsite.com/docs the direct url will point to www.mywebsite.com/files/docs/mydocument.pdf

This is the best method to achieve this however if your adamant on having url www.mywebsite.com/docs/mydocument.pdf you may have to look at ionize modules.

Thanks hope that helps.


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