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Ionize pagination links / numbers

otemu wrote:


Looking at the demo for pagination here http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog
when clicking on pagination link number 2 the url displays http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog/page/3
shouldn't it display http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog/page/2

Codeigniter says:

$config['use_page_numbers'] = TRUE;

By default, the URI segment will use the starting index for the items you are paginating. If you prefer to show the the actual page number, set this to TRUE.

Is it possible to set this option or doesn't work with ionize, I tried to do this in pagination_config(....\application\libraries\Tagmanager\Pagination.php) but no such luck.

Also when clicking on pagination link number 1 the url displays http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog/page
shouldn't it just use the url http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog as not to be penalised with seo for duplicate links as http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog/page and http://demo.ionizecms.com/blog will point to exactly same page?

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