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Socialize - A "Sociallike" fork

Hi guys,

I've been creating some websites using Ionize and realized that the only social module was a bit outdated, and, at least for me, the current options for sharing buttons (using javascript) lead to a poor design over the share buttons, as every button had a different custom style, and styles could not be overriden as the buttons are inside iframes.

Thats why i decided to create a custom fork of "Sociallike" fro Ukyo, and put it in Github:

As everything in IonizeCMS, pretty simple to use:
- Create folder "Socialize" inside "modules".
- Extract the content inside that folder.
- Install the module.
- Insert in the pages/articles and enjoy smile

A custom example to use this with AZM Bootstrap Social Icons and FontAwesome looks like this:

	<div class="social-buttons">
		<div><a <ion:whatsapp_share_simple   class="btn azm-social azm-size-32 azm-long-shadow azm-whatsapp"    label="" render="false" />><i class="fa fa-whatsapp"></i></a></div>
		<div><a <ion:twitter_share_simple    class="btn azm-social azm-size-32 azm-long-shadow azm-twitter"     label="" render="false" via="agarpastor"/>><i class="fa fa-twitter"></i></a></div>
		<div><a <ion:facebook_share_simple   class="btn azm-social azm-size-32 azm-long-shadow azm-facebook"    label="" render="false" />><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></div>
		<div><a <ion:googleplus_share_simple class="btn azm-social azm-size-32 azm-long-shadow azm-google-plus" label="" render="false" />><i class="fa fa-google-plus"></i></a></div>


I also added a function to create a Whatsapp sharing button, which i think is really useful nowadays smile.

I hope you like it!

Credits to Ukyo (trk in Github) for creating the original module.


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