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Inserting "@" closes dialog window

When I try to insert an email address while creating a new user, typing in an "@" causes the closing of the dialog box.
Detailed description:

- Go to the ionize backend
- Go to settings > Users
- Click "add new user"
- Fill in the data for the new user in the appearing dialog window
- If I try to insert the email address and type in the "@", the dialog box closes
- Afterwards, if I try to click "add new user" again, the button does no react (the dialog box does not open)
- I have to refresh the browser and go to the Users section again in order to get it working again
- It face the same problem in all dialog windows in ionize backed, regardless if in "article types", in the backend of a custom module or anywhere else

I have found this bug in the ionize versions 1.0.7 and ionize 1.0.8.

Someone has got a temporary solution for the problem? It is quite annoing when the backend of a website is used by several people. Non-programmers do not understand intuitively how to work around this problem.

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