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Pass an extend field variable to a ionize article filter tag (no php)

I am really stuck with a simple construct, how to pass a variable to a ionize article filter tag (no php conditional if possible, as they slow down the ionize filter parsing).

I need to show all the articles related to the current displayed extend-field category in the page (which varies depending on which product the user is currently watching in that moment), imagine like a page displaying one product (say "Pineapple") and at the bottom of that page, a section that displays all its similar products filtered by the extend field value of the main product (filtered articles with an extend field value corresponding to "Esotic Fruits"). If the user is watching a product (say "the Book of ..."), the section that follow will show up all related articles with an extend-field value corresponding to "books".

I should achieve this by filtering articles with the extent field value, the problem is that the value defining the extend field of the main product varies, so dynamic value, thus the section "related products" need to display the articles filtered by that extend field value.

here some similar post, but no luck to me so far: http://ionizecms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1873

I should achieve something like that:

<ion:get key="ext-field-sector-value" to_var="ext-field-sector-value" />

<ion:page:articles id="works" filter="article.ext-field-sector-value!=__ext-field-sector-value__" limit="10" order_by="date DESC">
<ul id="showcase">
<li><p><a href="<ion:url/>"><ion:title/></a> <ion:content paragraph="1" /></p></li>

Please help, I will really appreciated if you can get this thing sorted.
Thank you in advance

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Re: Pass an extend field variable to a ionize article filter tag (no php)

Anyone looking for a dynamic variable inside a ionize extend filter tag? Please help!

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