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Huge language problem after server migration

Hello everybody,

I transferred my website from one server to another.
This website has 3 languages :
1- French
2- English
3- Russian

Unfortunately, languages doesn't work well anymore...
The main language that was french became english, and french and russian don't work at all.

When I type mydomain.com/fr it redirects to mydomain.com/en/fr and I have a 404.

To transfer the website, I had a version of the ionize installation directory on the new server.
I transfered the "files" directory and my theme folder in it.
I copied the encryption_key in the config.php
Copied the database and imported it on the new server
Went on the website and installed everything back.

I tried to rebuild all the URLs, sitemaps, cleaned languages and so on, tried to force the language code and uncheck it. Nothing seems to change anything.

Someone has an idea on why this happened this way and nothing works like it used to ?



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Re: Huge language problem after server migration

Partially solved doing this :

On the admin :
Parameters > languages
And just clic update.

Then Tools > Diagnostic
Clic on "languages", and then "rebuild urls"

BUT.... The main language of the site is still english even though it's not the case in parameters > languages, nor in the database...

Help ???

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