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Ionize for Real Estate Site?


I'm thinking on making a template for Ionize, to make Real Estate sites. This template with a little modification should be valid for Car Dealers too.

I have been looking and there is no real good multilingual solutions out there for these cases.

Do you think it could be done with Ionize? The city, area... filters...
Would it be a good solution?

What version of Ionize should I use, 1.07 or 1.08?

Thank You


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Re: Ionize for Real Estate Site?

Not an issue for such a site to be built in Ionize
Depends on how you implement the solution really, a number of ways you could do it with ionize:
1.standard page with form submit
2.custom module
3.expose a service - than handle the logic on the frontend side using a lib (e.g angular)

Not tried 1.08 as were few issues raised regarding that version so I probably go with 1.07

Just bare in mind Ionize community is small so support maybe limited although we do try our best wink


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