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Content Element: date field. How does it work (if it works...)?

Hi all,
I've created a content element named Slideshow: I use it to display a gallery of images.
As this gallery should be updated time to time with new images, I've decided to add a date-time field.
So I have media field, title field, id field and this last field.
Everything is ok. But when I try to modify a single element to enter the date,  I can neither write anything inside the field nor open the calendar .
What I'd like to do is to order elements by date desc, so the last images added will be the first in the gallery or will be before some other image in the list.
I hope is everything clear enough (even the "neither/nor" sentence). smile
Can anybody explain me if what I'd like to do is possible? Or should I use a different solution?
Thank you all


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