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Ion Tester
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Any ex or present Amiga users on this forum

Since I am kind of retro Amiga freak, I wonder if someone else here used to have, or still have Amiga. Any kind, any model.



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Re: Any ex or present Amiga users on this forum

I had one once, I used it from 1993 to 1999 (I was a little bit late) but I was only a primary school student back then. I have many sweet memories with Amiga, but they're all game related I guess. Playing Turrican with my cousin, buying a Batman game with my mom, playing Goal! while my mom did the ironing, opening Workbench through a Chessmaster disk, discovering how to get the machine to "talk" by entering random commands on the terminal...

I then got my dad to buy my first PC and gave my Amiga (along with all my disks) to a cousin. His dad, my uncle, threw it away about three years later. I still wish I had one, but I know it won't have the same effect on me as it did before, so I kinda just want to leave those memories untouched.

Edit: Whoa, never noticed this was posted more than a year ago sad

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Ion Tester
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Re: Any ex or present Amiga users on this forum

Ksssssss, i'm an Atari user... Falcon rulezzzz tongue

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Re: Any ex or present Amiga users on this forum

Meeeeeeeeeeeee 2 :D



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