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AssetLibPro integration

hi all
i have integrated the AssetLibPro library which is use for css and js compression  in ionize
the process are here:

1- download the AssetLibPro and its related files from http://code.google.com/p/assetlib-pro/downloads/list
and see http://code.google.com/p/assetlib-pro/w … figuration      for installation
2- put the A library file "Assetlibpro.php" in application library folder
3 - put  A config file "assetlibpro.php" in application config folder
4- change the config options in line 17,18,19
$config['alp_asset_dir'] = '/assets/';//TRAILING SLASH!
$config['alp_cache_dir_css'] = '/assets/compressed/';//TRAILING SLASH!
$config['alp_cache_dir_js'] = '/assets/compressed/';//TRAILING SLASH!

$config['alp_asset_dir'] = '';//TRAILING SLASH!
$config['alp_cache_dir_css'] = '/tmp/';//TRAILING SLASH!
$config['alp_cache_dir_js'] = '/tmp/';//TRAILING SLASH!

and create tmp folder at root for storing combine css / js file

5- add the config file name in autoload.php  i.e  $autoload['config'] = array('ionize','assetlibpro');

6- add library in  autoload.php  i.e  $autoload['libraries'] = array('settings','assetlibpro')

7- Download CSSTidy and put the contents of the package into your "/system/plugins/" folder (https://sourceforge.net/project/showfil … _id=166584)

8- Download JSMin and put the jsmin php file (renamed to "jsmin.php"!) into your "/system/plugins/" folder
9- now create tags in application\libraries\Tagmanager.php  so tags you have to add two functions in TagManager class  as  below :

    *this use combine css into one compress file
    * for add css file use tag in view i.e (<ion:csscompress  add="assets/css/screen.css" media="all" module=''/>)
    * csscompress tag have atrrbuties add (path of css file) ,media(css media type i.e print ,screen), module(use css in module)
public function tag_csscompress($tag)
    $CI =& get_instance();
    if(isset($tag->attr['add']) && !empty($tag->attr['add']))
        if(!isset($tag->attr['module']))  $tag->attr['module']=null;
        if(!isset($tag->attr['media'])) $tag->attr['media']='screen';
    else return $CI->assetlibpro->output('css');

    *this use combine js into one compress file
    * for add js file use tag in view i.e (<ion:csscompress  add="assets/css/screen.css" group=" " module=''/>)
    * csscompress tag have atrrbuties add (path of css file) ,group(), module(use css in module)
public function tag_jscompress($tag)
    $CI =& get_instance();
    if(isset($tag->attr['add']) && !empty($tag->attr['add']))
        if(!isset($tag->attr['module'])) $tag->attr['module']=null;
        if(!isset($tag->attr['group'])) $tag->attr['group']='default';
    else return $CI->assetlibpro->output('js');

after adding these functions add the tags name in array in line number 49
protected $tag_definitions = array
        'debug' =>                'tag_debug',
        'field' =>                'tag_field',
        'config' =>             'tag_config',
        'base_url' =>            'tag_base_url',
        'partial' =>             'tag_partial',
        'widget' =>                'tag_widget',
        'translation' =>         'tag_translation',
        'name' =>                 'tag_name',
        'site_title' =>         'tag_site_title',
        'meta_keywords' =>         'tag_meta_keywords',
        'meta_description' =>     'tag_meta_description',
        'setting' =>             'tag_setting',
        'time' =>                'tag_time',
        'if' =>                    'tag_if',
        'else' =>                'tag_else',
        'set' =>                'tag_set',
        'get' =>                'tag_get',
        'php' =>                'tag_php',
        'jslang' =>                'tag_jslang',
        'csscompress'=>         'tag_csscompress',
        'jscompress'=>            'tag_jscompress'

add these tags
'csscompress'=>         'tag_csscompress',
        'jscompress'=>            'tag_jscompress'

as show above in array

10- now you can use the  tags csscompress and jscompress in page head  for css / js compression
for example
these tags use for adding css which combine
<ion:csscompress  add="assets/css/screen.css"  />
<ion:csscompress  add="assets/css/style.css" />

this tag show output combine file in header this tag call one time in page
<ion:csscompress />

enjoy this thanx to all

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Re: AssetLibPro integration


What for this librarry ?
Have you tested ? what version ionizer can used this library ?

Thanks for advance


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Re: AssetLibPro integration

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